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Pava launched the comic series ‘Battle of the Winds ‘ at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2019.  Battle of the Winds depicts the 15th century spice trade and spirit of navigation in all its vivid humour. The story is  centred on Ahmed Bin Majid, the great Arab navigator who has contributed much to seafaring and navigational techniques. 

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The Battle Of The Winds board game is an immersing fun time that deals with spice trade which is based on the comic series Battle of Winds.  The game mechanics includes area control, pick up and deliver and route exploration. The game demands to follow the four objectives, explore, expand, exploit and exterminate to win. It’s also a role-play game in which players can assume the roles of the main characters - Ibin Majid, Alibaba, Chung Chung, Black Fin etc. The game board and component design is done taking cues from the Arab culture and their great tradition of sea trade and navigation, which gives a real feel of a real archaic Arabian game.

The game gives a real feel of sea trade and navigation where the players set out for sail from a market centre to the ports around following the wind directions and constellations in the sky. The players can capture ports in a combat mode and collect spices and sell them back in the market centre. They could face a lot of challenges like the Sea monsters, Pirates, Mermaids and Storms. The combat mode is quite interesting that players can capture another ship, port and other valuables like spices, treasures and gun powder. They can also upgrade their ships and cannons; strengthen their ports paying in spices or gold; fulfil the objectives and rise up in the Fame Chart to win the game.

Battle of Winds board game will be released in October 2021  at the Sharjah International Book Fair

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